From a very early age I have always loved jewelry. Growing up in Upstate New York, I would pick dandelions in the back yard, mix them with woodland floral and weave them into bracelets. My love of shiny, pretty things came a bit later on…After studying jewelry design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, I left the noise and hustle of the city and ventured off to to sell my jewelry on the beach in the Caribbean. It lead to diving on shipwrecks for buried treasure.

Searching out ancient gold coins from sunken Spanish Galleons on the bottom of the ocean floor that, once found, were as shiny & wildly beautiful as the day they had gone down, became a passion of mine. Each one was unique and had a story…on the front was the coat of arms of the person that owned it and on the other was the Kings stamp. I fell hopelessly in love with high carat gold.

Eventually, I moved back to the states and began my sterling jewelry line, Island Cowgirl. Upon getting engaged in France, on the steps of Versailles, my husband-to-be not only asked me to marry him…but also to make my own engagement ring.  (Smart guy…after all how can a guy pick a ring for a jewelry designer?).  I embraced the challenge and one halo ring, one wedding and a lot of diamonds later…my customers began asking me if I could design their engagement rings as well…and Rough Luxe was born.

Each ring is lovingly carved by hand with a eye for romantic, luxurious detail and a bohemian touch. All of our stones are unique, hand picked and are conflict free. Rest assured, I only choose stones that I would wear myself in my engagement ring.

I love creating rings for people in love. I love making rings that look like they were made in ancient times and could have been worn by royalty. Or could have been from a sunken treasure chest just brought up from the bottom of the sea and full of raw beauty.

~ xoxo~

Heather Charlick